The Bahamas component of Fish Rules App was created in collaboration with Bahamas Reef Environmental Education Foundation ( with funding from The Nature Conservancy and The Summit Foundation.

Images used in this app were derived from a number of sources and were provided by a number of generous artists, photographers, and fishermen. If you provided an image, we are truly grateful. The following people have provided images, illustrations, and/or photographs for use in Fish Rules:

  • Dawn Witherington generously shared many of her original fish illustrations. Please visit her web page ( or email her ( ) to get a list of her prints for sale
  • Mark A. Grace generously shared his original shark illustrations from his Field Guide to Requiem Sharks of the Western North Atlantic (
  • Kristy Grant shared her original hogfish illustration. Please visit her web page to see some awesome women’s clothing with cool, original fish designs (
  • Captain Jacques and crew aboard the Merry Marlin have generously shared numerous fish images from their epic fishing reports.
  • Captain Scott Goodwin of the Offshore Academy generously shared several of his fish images. Check him out if you are looking to learn new offshore tips and tricks (
  • Healthy Grin Sport Fishing shared several great photos of white marlin and roundscale spearfish. Check them out at:
  • Captain Weston Russell of Reel Intense Fishing Charters generously shared several of his fish images. Check him out if you are looking for a charter in the Palm Beach area (
  • Thanks to Jim Negus and Eric Brinkman at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency ( for sharing several fish images.
  • Thanks to C. B. Hudson for his timeless fish illustrations.
  • Ana Edwards,, shared excellent fish photos from her collection of fun pier fishing photos.
  • Bernard Yau ( generously shared several illustrations
  • Several illustrations were provided by Diane Rome Peebles and Duane Raver.


Thanks to our good friends that have handed over some of their great fish images:

  • Don Brady
  • Joe Calabro
  • Tim Clark
  • Scott Goodwin
  • Bud Howard
  • Kent Malinowski
  • Ben McTigue
  • David Parra
  • Ted Ring
  • Tyler Ring
  • Debbie Sabin
  • Corey Shea


Albert E. Theberge, Jr. and all the photographers that have contributed to the NOAA photo library (

  • SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory; Collection of Brandi Noble, NOAA/NMFS/SEFSC
  • Emma Hickerson, NOAA FGBNMS Research Coordinator
  • NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center
  • Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Pelagic Observer Program
  • NOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands Regional Office Observer Program Photos
  • Andrew David, NOAA NMFS SEFSC, PanamaCity


We offer a big thank you to everyone that has posted fish images to Creative Commons (

  • Brian Gratwicke for the black grouper image.
  • David Iliff for the sawfish image.
  • Zac Wolf for the whale shark image
  • Des Colhoun for the basking shark image
  • Terry Goss for the white shark image
  • Laszlo Ilyes for the coney image
  • Florentny Florent Charpin for the grasyby image
  • Hermanus Backpackers for the white shark image
  • Albert Kok for the tiger grouper image


Much of the designs and themes around Fish Rules were designed by Matt Congrove

We appreciate the helpful assistance we received from FWRI staff.

The University of Washington Freshwater and Marine Image Bank was very helpful.

The people at have some great pointers on identifying similar game fish species!

Thank you very much to Robert Arrington and the entire Deer Meat for Dinner crew. You're the best.

If we inadvertently omitted you from this list of acknowledgements please accept our apology, and let us know so we can correct our error.

If you would like to share your photos with us for use in Fish Rules please post them to our Facebook wall (